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Burned alive

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April 2016

Is love mental disease or lucky fever dream? Fine with either. Gave birth to monsters who will terrorize normalcy, yeah. They'll terrorize.


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If the world exploded behind us I never noticed if it done Let nobody dare confine us I'll bury anyone who does

Aug. 28th, 2019


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Apr. 20th, 2016


Apr. 6th, 2016

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Oct. 11th, 2014

Hale Family Knowledge

§ So it should come as no surprise, given Kaspar's demeanor, that the Hale's are a very odd bunch. In fact--Kaspar isn't even sure his last name is correct. He knows he and his sisters were not born in Westford, and a great chunk of their adolescence has been brainwashed and magicked away into a lie.

§ What his parents were running from he could only guess. Until Kaspar really started researching his own heritage (he couldn't do so in his house) he suspects it's because Romanian witches have a very close and powerful tie with what many would consider the Devil, or whomever their incarnation of him would be. Which explains his comfort in dealing with the dark arts, demons, and really fears nothing in the way of magic other that it all is a craft to learn.

§ To better fit their fake lifestyle he and his sisters quickly lost their accents (Kaspar can speak fluent Romanian, Russian, and Polish because apparently Mom and Dad did a lot of moving around before they settled in Massachusetts). All three Hale siblings flourished in practicing magic behind closed doors but like most others wanted kindship with the other humans at school or after school activities.

§ Coming at no surprise, Kaspar adapted easily to a given situation and he found it effortless to make friends. Same with his sisters--they were outgoing, charming even, good looking kids. But Leslie and Edward rarely if ever let their kinships with others go to far. There were no sleepovers, there were no dates, there were no after school activities. There was what needed to be done to make appearances because the Hales were so paranoid their children would slip or they would be branded witches and loose them, that they had no real childhood at all.

§ It wasn't until Arianna nearly finished high school that she, Willow, and Kaspar started doing what kids do--sneaking out and doing what they wanted anyways. Edward was used to long working days and usually kept close to a bottle when he wasn't working, and their mother eventually couldn't handle his behavior so she took to occupying herself with her Apothecary that she used to sell her potions on the black market in secret. Very hypocritical, but Eddy spent more on his alcohol than he did his family.

§ Eventually the Hale children were old enough to make their own decisions and not allow their parents' paranoia be their own. Willow and Kaspar felt nearly abandoned when Arianna choose the farthest medical college she could from home--but they couldn't blame her. Willow decided she didn't need to or have a desire to finish schooling. Much like Kaspar, she enjoyed studying books but as she was not an avid healer--more of an adventurer and collector of the arts--she decided she would go to travel in search of the knowledge they'd lost while being kept in a tight seal under the guise of their parents.

§ Left alone with no motivation to become anything other than a secret and with the mind that everyone, even those you though were closest fended for themselves and themselves only, Kaspar stewed in a fit of rage before deciding that he could let out his frustrations and travel by doing what every other young man or woman did with no clear goal -- join the army. He could learn the combat and culture of society, travel, and if he were enlisted outward--possibly take advantage of surrounding artifacts. And as soon as he graduated, Kaspar enrolled, took his things, and never looked back.